Math Stories


  1. Types Of Lines: A Night At The Amusement Park
  2. Circle And Its Basic Properties: Trip To Candy Land
  3. Square And Its Basic Properties: When Squarho Is Upset
  4. Triangle And Its Properties: The Rocky Pointed Land
  5. Rectangle And Its Basic Properties: The Pole Mystery
  6. Differentiate Between Square, Rectangle And Diamond Shape: The Drawing Challenge And Confusion
  7. Differentiate Between Circle, Semi-Circle And Oval Shape: All About Car Making
  8. Introduction To Polygons: The Polygon Mess
  9. Radius, Diameter And Circumference Of A Circle: The Space Station


  1. Counting 1 to 10: Triho’s Surprise Birthday Party
  2. Forward And Backward Counting: Triho And The Hurdle race
  3. Ordinal Numbers: Fun Time At The Sanctuary
  4. Counting 1 to 100: The Lighthouse And Its Steps
  5. Even And Odd Numbers: Mr Perfect Pair
  6. Skip Counting By 2, 5 And 10: Making A Rocket Model
  7. Counting In Tens And Ones: Uncle Science And His Farm
  8. Roman Numbers: Time Travel To Roman Empire


  1. Number Comparison Using More Or Less: Who Ran More?
  2. Number Comparison: Max The Number Alligator
  3. Ascending And Descending Order: The Office Attack
  4. Ascending And Descending Order Of Bigger Numbers: The Gadget Treasure


  1. Introduction To Place Value: When The Station Master Is Injured
  2. 3 Digit Place Value: One With The Tallest Building
  3. Indian System Of Numbers: When Cirha Is Kidnapped
  4. International System Of Numbers: Uncle Bad And The Search Operation


  1. Introduction To Addition: Who Ate More Ice creams?
  2. Add Without Carry Over: Gifts And The New Year Celebration
  3. Add With Carry Over: Add With Mr Place Value
  4. Identity Property Of Addition: Triho And The Riddle
  5. Order Property Of Addition: Uncle Math’s Thank You Card
  6. Associative Property Of Addition: Who Can Count Faster?


  1. Introduction To Subtraction: Fun With Ms Subtract
  2. Subtraction Without Borrow: Bakers For A Day
  3. Subtraction With Borrow: 35 Days Goal Challenge
  4. Introduction To Zero: Camping And Zero
  5. Relationship Between Addition And Subtraction: Cirha’s Trouble
  6. Identity Property Of Subtraction: Can Zero Be A Hero?
  7. Order Property Of Subtraction: The Tank Mystery


  1. Introduction To Multiplication: Fun Time With Mr Multiply
  2. Multiplication Tables: Cirho’s Number Phobia
  3. 2 Digit Multiplication: The Total Books
  4. Order Property Of Multiplication: Visit To The Juice Factory
  5. Identity Property And Zero Property Of Multiplication: The Multiplication Master Quiz
  6. Associative Property Of Multiplication: Who is the Genius?
  7. Distributive Property Of Multiplication: Asquarho Boss And Mr Printer


  1. Introduction To Division: Squarho’s Sunday Special
  2. Relationship Between Multiplication And Division: Atriho Boss And His Revenge
  3. Long Division Method: Visit To Fruits Planet
  4. Division By 1 And Division By Itself Property: How Will Cirha Protect The Puppies
  5. Division By Zero Property: Squarho’s Trouble


  1. Introduction To Calendar: All About Birthdays
  2. Hours, Minutes And Seconds: The Time Bomb Mystery
  3. 12 Hour And 24 Hour Clock: Uncle Bad’s Time Bomb


  1. Introduction To Angles: When Squarho Is Hungry
  2. Types Of Angles: The Table Construction


  1. Factors: Fun With Factors
  2. Multiples: When Uncle Math Is Sick
  3. Highest Common Factor (HCF): Cirha’s Plantation
  4. Lowest Common Multiple(LCM): All About Day 24
  5. Prime Factorization: The Secret Code
  6. Divisibility Rules: The Divisibility Trick


  1. Fractions And Equivalent Fractions: Trip To Pizza Planet
  2. Fractions On Number Line: Fraction Train To the Rescue
  3. Introduction To Decimals: The Decimal Planet
  4. Introduction To Percentage: Percentage Planet Disaster
  5. Fractions, Decimals And Percentages On Number Line: The Space Elevator


  1. Negative Numbers: The Negative Bomb Attack Part-1
  2. Addition And Subtraction Rules Of Negative Numbers: Negative Bomb Attack Part-2