Who Ran More?

Topic: Number Comparison Using More And Less

“1, Huff 2, Huff 3! Phew. I can’t run anymore. It is your turn now”, says Squarho. Why is he running? Why is Cirho watching him run? What are they upto? 

“1, 2, 3, huff 4, huff 5! Phew! 5 rounds. I can’t run anymore. I definitely ran more rounds than you”, claims Cirho. Who won? 

“I WON!” screams Squarho. “NO! I WON!” screams Cirho. They are furious and are fighting with each other. 

“Stop it both of you!” screams Cirha as she pulls them away. Triho asks them to calm down and explain their reason for fighting. 

“Squarho and I decided to have a running competition. Whoever completes more rounds of the running track will win”, says Cirho. But Squarho interrupts him. He says “I completed 3 rounds, and Cirho completed 5 rounds. We don’t know who won. Can you help us?” Triho agrees to help them in deciding the winner. 

Triho is thinking of various solutions to decide the winner. “Hey, Cirha, can you help me collect some stones?” he requests. She immediately agrees. Together, they get some stones. 

Triho gives 5 stones to Cirho and 3 stones to Squarho as per the rounds they had completed. He asks them to arrange them in a row on the ground. They follow his instruction. 

Triho firsts remove one stone from Cirho’s row and one from Squarho rows. He then removes another stone from each of their rows and continues the same until one of them has no more stones left. 

Triho asks Cirho, “How many stones did you have initially?” “5 stones”, answers Cirho. He then asks the same question to Squarho. “3 stones”, answers Squarho.  

“Clearly, the winner is Cirho!” announces Triho. Cirho jumps out of joy. But Squarho is still confused.

“I gave 3 and 5 stones to both of you. To decide who got more stones, I started removing an equal number of stones from both of your shares. Finally, Cirho had some extra stones left. That means Cirho got more stones and you got less stones. Correct?” explains Triho. Squarho agrees with him. 

To help Squarho understand this more clearly, Cirha decides to help. “Similarly, Cirho ran 5 rounds, and you ran 3 rounds. 5 is more than 3. So Cirho is the winner.” Finally, Squarho understands.

Squarho apologizes for his rude behaviour and hugs Cirho. All of them decide to have one more running competition and have fun.

We Learnt That…

  • More means bigger and less means smaller.
  • We can compare numbers using more and less. 
  • We should not fight with anyone.
  • Accepting mistakes and apologizing is the bravest act.

Let’s Discuss

  • Why were Cirho and Squarho fighting?
  • How did I help them decide the winner? 
  • How Cirho and Squarho were fighting, do you also fight with your siblings or friends? Give an example.
  • Squarho apologizes in the end, do you also accept your mistake and apologize? Why or why not? 
  • Is it important to apologize? How does apologizing help us?