Math Story : Introduction To Patterns

When Cirha Spots Patterns

Cirha is happily singing and walking. It looks like she is in a good mood today. But why is she walking? Is she is going somewhere?

Ohh yes! Uncle Math is organizing a gardening competition. Wow! That would be fun. Gardening is Cirha’s favourite hobby too. So she is going to his house and all her friends are waiting for her over there.

On the way, Cirha notices something stranger than usual. While crossing the road, she sees that the black and white stripes on the road are repeating. “Black, white, black, white, black, white”, she murmurs.

As she moves ahead, she spots some beautiful flowers in the garden. “Red flowers, yellow flowers, red flowers, yellow flowers, red flowers, yellow flowers! They seem to repeat as well. Strange!” says Cirha.

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Moving ahead, Cirha sees some steps. “1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3! The numbers are also repeating here!” she says walking down the steps. She is puzzled.

Soon, Cirha hears, “Kukadoo koo, meow, kukadoo koo, meow, kukadoo koo, meow”, a cat and a hen make sound repeatedly. She is surprised and quickly rushes to Uncle Math’s place.

As she moves ahead, Cirha spots a huge wall. “Blue triangle, green triangle, blue triangle, green triangle! The triangles are repeating on the wall”, she murmurs with her eyes wide open.

She immediately calls out, “Uncle Math, come here fast!” Others are confused and they quickly come out to hear what Cirha has to say.

“Samper town has been acting strange today. Everything is repeating”, says Cirha.

“Repeating? What is repeating?” questions Uncle Math to seek some clarity. She narrates how she first spotted repeating black and white lines, then repeating flowers, then numbers, then animal sounds and finally the repeating triangles.

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Hearing this, Uncle Math bursts into laughter. This disappoints Cirha and she starts sobbing.

Uncle Math apologizes for laughing at her and decides to calm her down. “Cirha, all these lines, flowers, shapes, numbers that were repeating were actually making a pattern”, he says. Cirha is still clueless.

“Anything that repeats itself following a rule is forming a pattern. Patterns are all around us. Now, don’t worry. Everything is normal. Let’s start the competition”, says Uncle Math cheering her up. Finally, Cirha is happy.

All four of them take their places and start gardening. Cirha decides to make a flower garden using a pattern. “Pink flower seed, orange flower seed, pink flower seed, orange flower seed, pink flower seed”, she says and places her beautiful plant seeds following a pattern.

Triho is growing vegetables, and Cirho and Squarho are growing small plants. The winner will be announced after a month.

It is time to announce the results. Uncle Math closely observes all the gardens. “All of your gardens look good. But Cirha’s garden looks amazing. Look at the colourful flowers arranged in a pattern. Clearly, Cirha is the winner”, he says.

“Hip hip hurray! Cirha is the winner”, screams Cirho celebrating her win.

We Learnt That…

  • ‘0’ is read as Zero.
  • Zero means nothing or no objects.
  • It is important to help others and share responsibilities.
  • Sharing is caring.

Let’s Discuss!

  • A pattern is something that repeats itself following a rule.
  • Patterns can be formed using shapes, numbers, colours and many other things.
  • Patterns are all around us.
  • We should never laugh at others. Instead, we should hear them out and make them feel better.

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