Fun2Do Labs is a pioneering EdTech startup that is inventing a new space called ‘Transmedia Education’. We are creating a system that can solve the problem of primary education at scale.

Our Mission:

We believe in “Math Time Is Fun Time!”

Through our in-depth research, we found out that children enjoy their learning process when they are:

  1. Learning by play
  2. Learning by visuals
  3. Learning by stories
  4. Learning by making

Therefore our mission is to create a revolutionary educational world incorporating all the four where fun is a partner of the learning process, not a choice.

We envision a kid-centred world of education where the education is accessible and affordable, where kids learn by choice, not by compulsion.

Values we stand for:

  1. Kids are independent learners
  2. Maker education for converting passive consumers to active creators
  3. Technology is our friend and the future