Math Story : Addition With Regrouping

Add With Mr Place Value

Cirha : Do you remember the moon chocolate that Uncle Math had given us some days back?

Triho : Oh yes! It was delicious. I would like to have it more often.

Cirha : Even I want to eat it again. Let us ask Uncle Math for the same.

Cirha, Triho : Hello, Uncle Math!

Uncle Math : Hello kids!

Cirha : We both loved the moon chocolates shared by you.

Triho : We both would like to have it again.

Uncle Math : Oh, dear! That was the last chocolate with me. No fear! When I am here. Let’s head towards the moon to buy it again.

Narrator : They board the spacecraft and take off for the moon.

Triho : Wow! The moon looks amazing.

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Cirha : I cannot wait any longer. Where will we get our favourite moon chocolate, Uncle Math?

Uncle Math : Look there, kids! That is a vending machine which will help us buy the moon chocolates.

Triho : So many moon chocolates. But how will we get them, Uncle Math?

Uncle Math : The vending machine will fetch the moon chocolate upon inserting coins into it.

[Listening to this, kids quickly rushed towards the vending machine.]

Cirha : Let us buy this!

Triho : 74 coins. I am afraid, I do not have these many coins. Let us combine our coins.

Cirha : I have 29 coins, how many coins do you have?

Triho : 35 coins. So how many coins are there altogether?

Cirha : Let us quickly group all our coins into ‘ones’ and ‘tens’. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50.

Triho : …10, 11, 12, 13, 14.

Cirha : Now, we will have to add 50 coins and 14 coins again. This is too time consuming!

Triho : Idea! 14 coins can also be grouped further into one group of ‘tens’.

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Cirha : This is great! We have 74 coins. Let me enter the amount on the vending machine.

Narrator : Cirha enters 74 on the vending machine and immediately starts inserting the coins into the machine.

Vending Machine : Wrong amount!

Cirha : Huhh!…Huhh!…Huhh!

Uncle Math : Calm down, Cirha! Why are you crying?

Narrator : Quickly, Cirha explains everything to Uncle Math.

Uncle Math : No fear! When I am here.

Uncle Math : Let me show a quicker method to add your coins by additon with regrouping using the Mr Place Value gadget. Let us begin by entering the amounts.

[Uncle Math enters 35 coins and 29 coins]

Uncle Math : How many tens and ones are there in 35?

Triho : 3 tens and 5 ones

Uncle Math : How many tens and ones are there in 29?

Cirha : 2 tens and 9 ones.

Triho : Oh! That is why Mr Place Value’s table has tens and ones columns.

Cirha : Correct! Now let us add all the ones on the right side. So, 5 + 9 is equal to 14.

Uncle Math : Now let us add all the tens on the left side. So, 3 + 2 is equal to 5.

Triho : 514 coins?

Uncle Math : Haha! No. Every column in Mr Place Value can have single-digit numbers only up to 9. But now the ones column has 14 which is greater than That means we will have to shift the tens in 14 to the tens column.

[Writing on the top of the tens column and erasing it from the ones column, Uncle Math asks…]

Uncle Math : Now, can you add the numbers?

Cirha : 64 coins. Mr Place Value’s method is so quick, Uncle Math.

Triho : Oh no! But the price of moon chocolate is 74 coins.

Uncle Math : Don’t worry, kids. I will add a few coins to get your chocolate.

Narrator : Kids are elated. Together, they quickly enter the amount, insert the coins and grab the moon chocolate.

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