Math Story : Introduction To Space Around Us

Trip To Underwater World

Cirha, Cirho, Triho and Squarho : Hello Uncle Math!

Uncle Math : Hello kids! Come, hop in the submarine.

Cirho : Where are we going, Uncle Math?

Uncle Math : Today, we are going on a trip to the underwater world, and on the way, we will learn about the space around us.

Squarho : Wow! That sounds intresting, Uncle Math.

Triho : It would be wonderful to learn in such beautiful surroundings.

Uncle Math : That is right, Triho.

Triho : Wow! Look at those fish.

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Uncle Math : Do you know why these two fish look so different from one another?

Triho : No, Uncle Math, why is that so?

Uncle Math : These fish look different because one is a big mumma fish and the other is a small baby fish, when the baby fish grows up, it will also look big like the mumma fish.

Squarho : That is amazing!

Uncle Math : Now, we have entered the deeper section of the ocean.

Narrator : Suddenly a scary shark appears in front of them and all the kids starts screaming.

Cirha, Cirho, Triho and Squarho : Shark! Shark!

Narrator : Uncle Math pulled the submarine up, and they manage to escape the shark.

Cirha : Phew! That was a close encounter.

Uncle Math : Kids, do you know, how we escaped the shark?

Cirho : No, Uncle Math. How did you manage it?

Uncle Math : When the shark was approaching, we moved up in a higher position, and the shark missed us.

Squarho : Uncle Math, you saved us from the shark. Thank you.

Uncle Math : I think it is safe for us to go down now as the shark has left.

Squarho : What is down, Uncle Math?

Uncle Math : When you move from a higher position to a lower position, it is called moving down.

Squarho : Okay, got it.

Cirha : I can see the plants on the ocean floor as we have moved down.

Uncle Math : That is right, Cirha.

Cirho : What is this Uncle Math?

Uncle Math : This is a magic door, and it will lead us to a treasure.

Triho : I am super excited to see the treasure.

Cirha : How do we enter this door, Uncle Math?

Uncle Math : The door is closed now, but it will open when we press this red button.

Narrator : As Uncle Math pressed the button, the door opened.

Squarho : Wow! This magic door is so cool, Uncle Math.

Uncle Math : Yes Squarho, it is. The door is open now, let us go in.

Triho : Wow, look at the treasure.

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Uncle Math : There is one challenge for all of you.

Cirha : What is it, Uncle Math?

Uncle Math : Only one of these treasure boxes is real. The one box that is different from the others is the real one. Those which look the same are the fake ones. Who can tell me which one is it?

Triho : Yes, I know it. The orange box has the real treasure as it looks different from the green boxes.

Uncle Math : Yes, you are right Triho. The orange box contains the real treasure.

Cirha, Cirho, Triho and Squarho : Hurray!

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