Math Story : Cube And Its Basic Properties

Gift Box And The Riddle

Uncle Math and the kids are in his spacecraft. They look happy and energetic. I guess it is time for another adventure.

“Uncle Math, where are we going today?” questions Cirha. “That is a mystery! You all will have to solve it. For now, just wait and enjoy the ride”. he says. Swoosh! Uncle Math and the kids leave swiftly.

As they land, Cirho starts shivering. “Wwwhhhhy is it cc..cold suddenly? Where are we?” he questions. “Because we are surrounded by ice, it’s very cold here”, says Squarho. “Wow! So many ice cubes”, says Triho.

The kids start playing with the ice cubes. They make a large ice cube snowman. Uncle Math praises the kids for their creativity. Suddenly, Squarho spots something.

“Hey, look there. A board game. Let us go and play!” says Squarho. They run to reach the board as fast as possible.

As they reach close to the board, they spot many big and small dice. It looks like the dice are playing with each other.

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“Can we play with you?” Cirha questions one of the dice. The dice agree, and the kids join their group. They have so much fun together.

“Let us go ahead, kids!” says Uncle Math. The kids say bye to the big and small dice and walk ahead.

As they walk ahead, they spot a big and pretty gift box. “Wow! Such a big gift box”, says Squarho, and he runs to open it.

As he touches it, the gift box opens up and says, “I am Goldy, the gift box. I love kids and give them many gifts. I can give you the gifts only if you solve my riddle”, he says. “A riddle? What riddle?” says confused Squarho.

“Here is your riddle little kids: I am a land filled with many ice cubes, I also have many dice. I also have a gift box who talks. What’s the name of this land?” says Goldy. The kids are puzzled. They want the gifts. How can they solve this riddle? Uncle Math also denies helping them and asks them to try harder.

“Ohh! I get it now. We saw ice cubes first, then we saw the dice, and finally the gift box. The riddle has something to do with the objects we saw here today”, says Triho. Cirha, Squarho, and Cirho agree with him.

Together, they think harder and harder. But fail. They cannot name the shape of these objects. “We give up. You only help us, Uncle Math. We really want the gifts”, they plead together.

“Alright! Alright!” Uncle Math agrees to help. He places all the three objects together and asks the kids to observe them carefully. “Do you notice something common here?” he questions. The kids are thinking. It looks like Cirho has got the answer. He says excitedly, “I got it! They are all 3D objects”. Uncle Math agrees with his response and asks him to look more closely.

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Triho answers, “Yes! They all have 6 faces, Uncle Math. These faces look like a square”.

“Yes! They all also have 8 corners, Uncle Math”, adds Cirha.

Finally, Squarho says, “Oh yes! They all also have 12 edges. Amazing!”.

Uncle Math is happy. He says, “Brilliant kids! This 3D shape with 6 faces, 8 corners, and 12 sides is called a Cube. All the faces of the cube are square”.

“Oh! So we are on the Cube Land”, says excited Cirha. The answer to Goldy’s riddle is Cube Land. Hurray! Kids have solved his puzzle. Will they get the gifts now?

“Awesome kids! Here is your reward”, says Goldy and gives various gifts to all of them. He also asks them to come back soon.

The kids take their gifts and board the spacecraft. “So the mystery was finding the name of the land. We went to the Cube Land today”, says Triho. Uncle Math smiles. It was an adventurous trip indeed.

We Learnt That…

  • A Cube is a 3D object.
  • A Cube has 6 faces, 8 corners, and 12 sides.
  • All the faces of the cube are square in shape.
  • Instead of getting afraid of questions, we should always try to solve them.
  • Trying is more important than solving a question.

Let’s Discuss!

  • What objects did we find on the land?
  • We learnt a new 3D shape. What shape was it? What were its properties?
  • When Goldy gave us a riddle, instead of getting afraid, we quickly started solving it. Do you get afraid of questions? Why or why not?
  • Uncle Math let us try the riddle first instead of directly helping. Was he right? Why or why not?

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