Math Story : Times Of The Day

Adventure Camping In The Wild

Uncle Math : Kids! We have reached our destination well on time. That is the reason we started early in the morning at dawn, the time when the sun rises.

Cirha : It is a lovely place, Uncle Math.

Uncle Math : Kids, as we are here for adventure camping in the jungle, we will need someone to guard us at all times. I have a plan for the same. Squarho and Triho will be the guards from noon until midnight.

Squarho and Triho : What is noon or midnight Uncle Math? We are not getting anything.

Uncle Math : See kids, a day is the duration of 24 hours in total. Can anyone tell me what are different times in a day?

Cirho : Yes! Very simple! It is morning and night, Uncle Math.

Uncle Math : No, dear. It is not just the morning and night, the entire duration of a day can be divided into different times. A new day begins at midnight or the middle of the night, when the date changes. Midnight is followed by morning.

Cirha : Yes! Uncle Math. We spend a few hours in the morning at our school.

Uncle Math : Absolutely correct, Cirha. Following the morning, there is the afternoon, which runs from noon until the evening. Evening is the entire duration from afternoon to night.

Squarho : I am not getting it, Uncle Math as you said, we need to begin guarding at noon. What exactly is noon?

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Uncle Math : Noon is basically the middle of the day, Sun is exactly over head. Your guarding duty begins right now.

Squarho and Triho : OK, Uncle Math.

Cirha and Cirho : Uncle Math, when is our turn?

Uncle Math : Cirha and Cirho your shift starts from midnight. Now, you both know when your shift is, right?

Cirha and Cirho : Definitely, Uncle Math.

Uncle Math : Triho and Squarho, your time starts now!

Squarho and Triho : Yes, Uncle Math. We will do our best.[confidently and sincerly]

Uncle Math : I am going to meet Uncle Science, he has an amazing safety gadget, which might prove helpful for us at night. I will be back soon.

Narrator : Uncle Math returned with the safety gadget.

Uncle Math : It is dusk time when Sun sets, we should prepare for dinner.

Squarho and Triho :We already did Uncle Math.

Uncle Math : You both have done a good job setting up the tents and preparing the dinner.

Cirha : I really enjoyed the dinner and had fun playing games. [content and happy]

Cirho : The time is almost midnight. It is around 11:30 AM, which means our shift is about to begin. Am I right, Uncle Math?[thinking while asking]

Uncle Math : No, Cirho. It is not AM yet. The duration from midnight to noon is considered AM and noon to midnight is considered PM. It is 11:30 PM

Tirho : Yes! Cirho, your shift will start at 12 AM.

Uncle Math : No! No! We never use AM or PM at 12. We just say 12 midnight or 12 noon. So, Cirho and Cirha, you both will start guarding from 12 midnight to 6 AM in the morning. You both need to be cautious while guarding, as this place is home to
some wild animals.

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Cirha : I am a little scared Uncle Math. What if a wild animal attacks?

Uncle Math : Do not fear, when I am here! I will be guarding the other side as well. I am giving this amazing safety gadget to both of you. If any wild animal comes, press this red button. It will alert us and we will come help you. Squarho and Triho, you must be tired, you can go to sleep.

Triho and Squarho : Okay, Uncle Math, goodnight.

Cirha : I will guard from the top of that hill. So I can see from far if any wild animal comes close.

Cirho : Okay, I will gaurd this place.

Uncle Math : Good decision by both of you, I will be guarding the other side.

Narrator : Suddenly she hears some sounds.

Cirha : HUH?

Narrator : The bush nearby starts shaking .

Narrator : She hears a growl from the bush. Cirha starts panicking and crying.

Cirha : Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!

Cirha : Uncle Math! Help! Help!

Narrator : She presses the button, and a loud siren starts ringing.

Narrator : All the kids and Uncle Math come running to the hill.

Uncle Math : What happened Cirha?

Cirha : I think there is a big lion behind that bush.

Narrator : The bush nearby starts shaking vigrously.

Narrator : All the kids and Uncle Math scame running to the hill.

Uncle Math : What happened Cirha?

Cirha : I think there is a big lion behind that bush.

Narrator : A small puppy jumps out of the bush.

Narrator : All the kids and Uncle Math bursts out laughing.

Cirha : Oh it is just a cute puppy!

Cirha, Cirho, Squarho, Triho and Uncle Math : Ha ha ha ha!

Narrator : Puppy is hanging his tongue out and wagging his tail.

Cirha : I am so sorry for scaring you all.

Uncle Math : No worries, Cirha.

Narrator : All three of them guarded all night long.

Cirha : Yaay! we sucessfully guarded till morning.

Cirho : Yes, we did it.

Uncle Math : Cirha and Cirho, you both did a vey good job in guarding throughout the night.

Cirha and Cirho : Thank you, Uncle Math.

Uncle Math : Okay now, let us head back to Samper town.

Narrator : They all packed up their tents, cleaned up the place and left after a well spent day at adventure camp.

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