Math Story : Long Division Method

Visit To Fruits Planet

“Hey, Uncle Math. I have heard that the fruits of the Fruits Planet are very nutritious, tasty and fresh. I wish to conduct my research on finding the reason behind this. I would need the fruits from Fruits Planet. Can you help me?” says Uncle Science on the call. 

“Of course. Your research will be beneficial for the entire town. I will immediately leave for Fruits Planet to collect some fruits. Do not worry”, says Uncle Math. He is ready to leave. “Can I join too?” says a sweet voice. 

Its Triho. “Of course, you can join me. Come on let’s go”, says Uncle Math. Soon, they leave for the Fruits Planet. 

“Wow! Look at the apple house. Banan house, huge fruit trees and lush green grass. Definitely a treat to the eyes”, says Triho. Uncle Math couldn’t agree more. “The fruits are so tempting, can we eat some?” asks Triho. “Haha! Of course”, says Uncle Math.  

Burrup! Triho is full. So is Uncle Math. 

Now, they decide to pluck some of these delicious fruits and pack them to take back to Samper town.

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Whoosh! Suddenly, they hear the sound of the bush. “Was there somebody behind the bush?” thinks Triho. Unable to find someone, he gets back to work. Whoosh! He hears the sound again. 

“I think there is someone behind the bushes”, says Triho to Uncle Math. He immediately runs to check.

“Acirho! What are you doing here?” says surprised Uncle Math. 

“There is drought on our planet. We need food. I am here to steal your fruits and take them back home”, says Acirho. He looks sad and worried. 

“Why steal when we can actually share the fruits between us. It is not necessary to fight all the time”, says Uncle Math. He is ready to help Acirho despite the fact that they always trouble him. Uncle Math is generous, empathetic and good at heart. Triho is proud of Uncle Math. 

“What if you cheat while dividing the fruits?” asks suspicious Acirho. “Do not worry. Uncle Math is always fair”, says Triho. Acirho finally agrees. 

Uncle Math quickly takes out his gadget and scans all the fruits. “There are 2260 fruits in total. How many do each of the teams get?” he questions. “We will have to divide 2260 by 2. But how?” asks Triho. Acirho is clueless too. 

“No fear when I am here. Here is Miss Long Division. She will help us”, says Uncle Math. Miss Long Division looks like a whiteboard with hands. The board also displays some house drawings. 

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Uncle Math 6 to 8 Years App Banner

“Hello, everyone. I am Miss Long Division. There are 3 important parts of me that are quotient, divisor and dividend. A dividend indicates the total number of objects. Divisor indicates the total number of equal groups. Quotient indicates how many items in each group”, she says. 

“In the case of fruits, 2260 is the dividend, 2 is the divisor. Let us now find the quotient using certain steps. Let us begin:

Step 1: Take the first digit of the dividend from the left

Step 2: Then divide it by the divisor and write the answer on top as the quotient”, she explains. 

“Step 3: Subtract the result from the digit and write the difference below.

Step 4: Bring down the next digit of the dividend (if present)

Step 5: Repeat the same process until all the digits of the dividend are used”, she explains. 

“Oh, I get it now. This is really easy. The quotient is 1130. That means each of the team gets 1130 fruits. That was super fast Ms Long Division. Thank you”, says Triho. He is elated. Acirho is delighted too. 

“My pleasure”, says Ms Long Division and settles back in Uncle Math’s hand. He immediately uses her light to divide the fruits into two groups of 1130 pieces each. Acirho jumps out of joy. 

“Despite our bad behaviour, you both still helped me. I will always remember this. Thank you”, says Acirho. He quickly packs his share of fruits and leaves for his homeland. Uncle Math and Triho also pick their share and leave for Samper Town. 

Acirho lands in his homeland. He iterates the entire story to his boss.  Acirho Boss is surprised and feels guilty. “Yes! Uncle Math and Triho are good people”, he says. The entire gang enjoys the delicious fruits and saves some for the future. This shows that it takes only good action to change bad behaviour.

We Learnt That…

  • Long division method helps us divide numbers. 
  •  There are 3 important parts of the long division method that are quotient, divisor and dividend.
  •  A dividend indicates the total number of objects. Divisor indicates the total number of equal groups. Quotient indicates how many items are in each group. 
  • It takes only a good action to change bad behaviour.

Let’s Discuss

  • Why was Uncle Math going to Fruit Planet?
  • What was Acirho doing on the Fruit Planet? 
  •  “It is not necessary to fight all the time.” Do you agree?
  • What is the long division method? Explain the steps. 
  • “It takes only a good action to change a bad behaviour.” What do you understand by this?

Experience the immersive video version of this captivating story by clicking the link below, and let the excitement come to life :

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