Math Story : Oval And It’s Properties

The Rescue Of Triho

Triho, Cirha, Cirho and Squarho : Hello Uncle Math!

Uncle Math : Hello kids, are you ready to learn?

Squarho : Yes, Uncle Math we are ready. What are we learning today?

Uncle Math : We will learn about ‘oval’.

Cirha : Oval! What is that, Uncle Math?

Uncle Math : Oval is an elongated, circle-like shape.

Squarho : Uncle Math, does an oval shape look like a squeezed circle?

Uncle Math : Yes, you are right, Squarho. Look kids, this is a watermelon, it is oval in shape.

Uncle Math : This is an egg. Eggs are also oval in shape. The oval shape has no straight sides and no corners.

Uncle Math : This is all about today’s class. I hope you all understood the oval shape today.

Cirho : Yes, Uncle Math.

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Narrator : Kids are returning home after a fun filled learning with Uncle Math.

Triho, Cirha, Cirho and Squarho : Bye Uncle Math!

Uncle Math : Bye kids!

[Cirha is puzzled]

Cirha : Oh no! Asquarho. What is he up to?

Narrator : In the blink of an eye, Asquarho pulls Triho into his spaceship!

Triho : Help! Help!

Asquarho : Ha ha! I am Asquarho, I will take away Triho.

[Cirha is worried]

Cirha : Oh no!

Uncle Math : Come on, let us follow Asquarho’s spaceship.

Squarho : Poor Triho! He is trapped at the back. Let us think of an idea to save him.

Narrator : Cirho gets an idea and fearlessly jumps out of the spaceship.

Cirho : Squarho, hold my hand tightly.

Narrator : In an attempt to catch Asquarho’s spaceship, Cirho flings toward the spaceship.

Narrator : Asquarho tries to escape, but Cirho grabs hold of his spaceship by stretching himself.

Narrator : Cirho manages to pull Triho away from Asquarho, and they both return to their spaceship quickly.

[Asquarho is angry]

Asquarho : Argh! I will come back again.

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Cirha : Hurray! You did it Cirho.

Triho : Thank you so much everyone for saving me from Asquarho.

Uncle Math : Good job Cirho! Your fearless attitude has saved Triho today. Let us head back to Samper town.

[Squarho is puzzled]

Squarho : Cirho, you look so different. You look like an egg.

Cirha : Isn’t he looking like a watermelon?

Triho : Ha! ha! ha! Yes, Cirho is looking like an oval but how is this possible Uncle Math?

Uncle Math : As Cirho is circular in shape, when stretched on both sides, he becomes an oval. Oval shapes have no straight sides and no corners.

Squarho : Can we call you Ovalo, as you are an oval now?

[Cirho is crying]

Cirho : I don’t want to be Ovalo! I want to turn back into Cirho.

Uncle Math : No fear, when I am here! You can turn back into a circle. We need to put equal pressure on Cirho from both sides. It will turn him back into a circle. I along with Squarho will push from one side, while Triho and Cirha can push from the other side.

Narrator : Uncle Math and Squarho push Cirho from one side, whereas Triho and Cirha push from the opposite side until Cirho turns back into a circle.

Cirho : Hurray! I am a circle again.

Narrator : All the kids jump with joy.

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