Math Story : Introduction To Speed

The Ultimate Chase

Narrator : Cirha bangs the door open and rushes into the room panting and panicking.

Cirha : Uncle Math! Uncle Math! I was at the security room, and I just saw Asquarho Boss’s spaceship, heading towards Clemper town.

Uncle Math : Oh no! We have to stop him! Clemper town has important blueprints and data for all our gadgets.

Narrator : Uncle Math turns on his microphone like device.

Uncle Math : [radio voice speaking into the mike] Everyone assemble in the security room, I repeat everyone assemble in the security room. Quick!

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Uncle Math : Asquarho Boss is about to reach Temper town and is heading for Clemper town.

Triho : Should we go by train, car, or spaceship to catch him?

Uncle Math : Triho we can determine that by finding out a few things first.

Uncle Math : Security! Can you tell us the distance from Temper town to Clemper town and how fast Asquarho Boss is travelling?

Security : The distance from Temper to Clemper town is 1600 km, and Asquarho Boss is travelling at 800 km/hr.

Uncle Math : Now, Squarho can you calculate how long it will take for Asquarho Boss to reach Clemper town?

Squarho : I remember what you taught me, Uncle Math. Speed is equal to distance divided by time. So, to find the time, we divide the distance by the speed.

Uncle Math : Absolutely correct!

Squarho : 1600 divided by 800 is 2. It will take two hours for Asquarho to reach Clemper town.

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Uncle Math : We must get to Clemper town before him.

Uncle Math : Security! What is the distance from Samper town to Clemper town?

Security : The distance from Samper town to Clemper town is 1800 km.

Uncle Math : Cirha, can you tell us at what speed we should travel to reach Clemper town?

Cirha : Asquarho Boss will take two hours to reach Clemper town. To find out the minimum speed, we use the formula: Speed is distance divided by time. So, the distance is 1800 km, and the time is 2 hours. That means we need to travel at least 900 km/hr.

Uncle Math : Exactly right! The car goes at 100 km/hr, the train goes at 400km/hr, and the spaceship goes at 1000 km/hr. Triho, tell me, which one should we choose to reach before Asquarho Boss?

Triho : We need to take a spaceship to get there before Asquarho Boss!

Uncle Math : That’s correct! Let us hurry and stop Asquarho Boss.

Triho, Squarho, Cirha and Cirho : Yes! Let us go!

Uncle Math : There he is! Throw the net on him.

Narrator : They throws the net down.

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