Math Story : Introduction To Multiples

When Uncle Math Is Sick

Uncle Math is severely sick due to his old energy panels. “We have to save him”, sobs Cirho. What can they do here?

Triho decides to call and inform one of his teacher friends so that they can help them save him. 

“Hello Uncle Science”, he says worryingly and narrates the entire thing. “This is bad! I am coming over”, says Uncle Science.

“Only the advanced panels can help him survive”, says Uncle Science. “But where do we get them from?” asks Squarho. “They are hidden on a mysterious planet. We will have to go and get them as soon as possible. But this is not going to be easy”, says Uncle Science. The kids are ready to face any challenge to save their Unce Math.

“Yes! Cirho and I will stay back to take care of him. You can leave”, says Cirha. Soon, Uncle Science, Triho, and Squarho leave to get the panels.

“This land looks so weird! Why are so many numbers all around?” says Squarho as they roam around the mysterious planet. “This is Planet Multiple! Everything works in terms of multiples here”, says Uncle Science. “Multiples? What do you mean?” questions Triho.

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When we multiply a number, with itself or other numbers, the result is nothing but the multiple of that number. For example, If I have 2 as the number. When I multiply 2 with 1, the result is 2. When I multiply 2 with 2, the result is 4, when I multiply 2 with 3, the result is 6. So 2, 4, 6, 8 and so on are the multiples of 2”, explains Uncle Science.

“Oh! So 0 also can be a multiple right? Because when I multiply a number with zero, the result is zero”, asks Triho. “Correct! Good observation dear,” says Uncle Science. “But how are multiples related to us? We are here to take the panels right?” says Squarho. 

“I will tell you how”, says Uncle Science and takes out a big map. “Look here, the panel we need has three parts and each of the parts is at different places on Planet Multiple. This is point red, point green and point yellow”, explains Uncle Science. But Squarho still has not got the answer to his question. He is waiting.

“But each of these points comes with its own dangers. And you will be able to cross these points, only with the help of multiples, am I clear?” says Uncle Science. Everybody is clear. They decide to split themselves into 3 and reach the points to save time. Triho decides to take the point red, Uncle Science takes the point green and Squarho takes the point yellow.

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Uncle Science has reached his point green first. He spots the panel across a huge river with a stone bridge. Soon, he also spots big crocodiles in the river as if they are waiting for him to fall. How will he cross the river? This is too dangerous. 

Only the panels can save Uncle Math! And Uncle Science is ready to cross the river. He notices a number written on the board. “The board shows 3. That means to cross the river, I need to jump on stones that are multiples of 3. Alright!” he sighs and decides to take this big risk.

“When I multiply 3 with 1, I get 3. When I multiply it by 2, I get 6 and so on. So 3, 6, 9,12,15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 are the multiples of 3,” he says and starts jumping on the stones with these numbers.

Voila! Uncle Science has crossed the river. He swiftly picks up the panel and starts walking back.

On the other side, Squarho has reached point yellow. As he stands in front of the board, he sees a wide passage and spots the panel far at a distance. Without much thought, he runs to grab the panel. Boom! He hears a loud blast. Oh no! Is Squarho safe?

Phew! Squarho is safe. He mistakenly jumped on the wrong number that led to the blast. Realizing his mistake he starts looking for clues to cross the pathway. Looking at the point yellow board he says, “Alright! I need to jump on multiples of 5 to cross the path.” 5, 10,15,20,25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 are multiples of 5.  Can you help Squarho cross the path?

Swoosh! Squaro swiftly jumps on the right tiles and reaches the panel. He grabs it safely and is ready to get back. Just one more panel and Uncle Math will be saved. Hurrah!

Meanwhile, Triho also reaches his point red. But this point is the most dangerous one. “So much fire! How will reach the panel,” says Triho. The point red has sizzling hot fire hissing at him as if it is warning him to stay away. But who can stop him right? Triho is determined to get the panel.

He looks around for clues to help him. “Number 8! I need multiples of 8 here,” he says. But no trace of numbers is found. How do you think should he cross this?

Suddenly he spots square blocks with numbers. “I know what to do,” he says and picks the block with the number 8 to throw it. As he throws, the stone settles back in the air like a brick from the bridge. Can you help him pick more blocks that are multiples of 8?

Correct! 8,16,24,32,40,48,56,72,80  are multiples of 8. He grabs more blocks with these numbers to form a crossing bridge-like path. Soon, he hops on the blocks to reach the panel.

Finally, he reaches the panel. Hurrah! The third piece is found too. Uncle Math will be saved now.

All the three of them quickly meet near the spacecraft with their pieces of panels. Uncle Science is delighted and extremely proud of Triho and Squarho.

They leave to get back home as soon as possible.

Uncle Science joins the pieces to replace them with the old panels of Uncle Math. Will Uncle Math be fine? Have the kids been successful?

“Umm!” they hear a voice. It’s Uncle Math! Yes! Uncle Math is back. Hurrah! The kids cry out of happiness. Their efforts have paid off. They run and hug him. Uncle Science is overwhelmed looking at the love they have for their uncle. Everything is well if it ends well. Indeed.

We Learnt That…

  • When we multiply a number, with itself or other numbers, the result is nothing but the multiple of that number.
  • Zero is also a multiple of a number.
  • The easiest way to find the multiples of a number is through multiplication tables.

Let’s Discuss

  • Why was Uncle Math sick?
  • How did Uncle Science decide to save his friend?
  • What was special about Planet Multiple?
  • How did we find the panels? 
  • What are multiples? Explain with an example.

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