Build - Measure - Learn Loop

Every startup wants to create a big hit product. The way to that hit product starts by building a minimum viable product. Nature uses this concept of minimum viable products extensively. The newborn child is a complete human on day one even though many things are still not complete in the body and will get added later on. We do not have full set of brain cells, no teeth, not even proper bones when we are born. We do not know how to talk and even walk when we are born. Still we get all these over the years before we mature.

Similarly, startups can learn from nature and start from the minimum viable product (MVP) and use a process given by Eric Ries in his book ‘The Lean Startup‘ called Build -> Measure -> Learn loop to grow the product according to customer and user feedback. After multiple such loops, a product attains maturity and people in the market start liking the product.

Google has followed a similar process for Gmail over the years and Uber has followed this process for its services. I practically saw first hand that Paytm uses this kind of thinking extensively.

Author: Saurabh Jain (Follow him on Twitter : @skjsaurabh)

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