The most important thing a startup does for the external world is to create a great product. To create a great product we need to first understand the meaning of the product.

A product is any good, service, or information that can be offered to a market to satisfy a want or need.

Thus we see that product can be a good, service, or even an intangible thing like information. Gone are the days when products meant only physical products. Today, a product includes services or even information. In fact with the advent of the internet, digital information-based products have grown rapidly.


Product is the most important focus area of the startup founder. Startup founders need to concentrate a lot on creating the best product in the market to solve a particular problem of the users and customers.

A good product gives a good user experience (UX). A startup founder should try to understand the problems of the user (person who will use the product) and the customer (person who will pay for the product) and try to solve it in a way that the product gives the best possible user experience (UX) at affordable price. Providing a good user experience is less about technology and more about understanding the psychology of the user.

In the blog posts under this section, I have tried to cover areas like problem analysis, minimum viable product (MVP), iterative development, agile techniques, product market fit and growth. Building and iterating a product is a specialized function and demands knowledge of product management. I have given a brief introduction to product management also.

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