Every startup needs money to grow. The process of raising this money is called ‘funding’.

Initially, every startup has to bootstrap i.e. founders have to invest their own money in the startup. At start some friends or family members may be willing to invest money in a startup. These days a startup may also get some financial assistance from various incubators and government schemes.

Once the startup has clarity on the product and has created a minimum viable product (MVP) the startup can raise money from professional angel investors. After product market fit the startup’s ability to raise money increases a lot and usually raising millions of dollars from venture capitalists becomes possible.

In this series of blog posts I am sharing all these aspects with you. Plus I will be sharing some ways of increasing your startup’s purchasing power. Purchasing power refers to the process of raising money for the startup as well as ways in which you can get purchasing power even without raising any money. Over next few months I will be writing blog posts to cover both funding and other ways of increasing purchasing power.


Blog Posts On Startup Funding

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