Skip Counting

Skip counting can be enjoyable for small kids. It is the method of counting in which a fixed number is omitted while counting.

In addition, skip counting can lay the foundation for future math calculations. It helps kids recognize patterns in numbers. It sets a strong base for multiplication tables as well.

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To skip count, we keep adding the same number each time to the previous number. The best way to teach this is through the number lines. 

Let us understand this with an example : Here, Skip counting by 2 means to add 2 to get the next number. We skip count by 2s on a number line. So, starting at 0, the next number will be 0+2=2, then, 2+2=4, then 4+2=6, then 6+2=8, and then, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, and so on.

Skip Counting By 2s

It is good to practice skip counting by 2s, 5s, 10s.

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Learning skip counting can be made enjoyable by incorporating interactive games and activities.

Convert the traditional hopscotch into skip count hopscotch and write numbers using skip counting of 2, skip counting by 3, etc.

How to play :

  • Draw a hopscotch board on the ground using skip count by 2s. Create a set of vertical squares numbered 2 through 20. Numbers 8 and 10 and 14 and 16 can be placed side-by-side.
  • To begin a hopscotch game, a player is said to toss a stone into the inside of the first square. If the stone touches the sides of the square, the player loses his turn.
  • The players lose their turn while hopping through the inside of each square if they lose balance or touch any of the square’s sides.
  • After successfully hopping across the board, players are supposed to turn around (remaining on one foot) and hop back to the beginning, picking up the stone along the way.
  • The one who completes all the numbers first is declared the winner.

  • Make the students sit in a circle.
  • Students will start counting from 1, one by one.
  • In the first round, you can ask them to skip count by 2s.
  • So 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and so on will be the numbers where the students will have to say “Buzz” instead of number.
  • One who forgets the above rule loses the game.


Help your kids to practise skip counting with interesting and fun worksheets and solutions from Uncle Math School by Fun2Do Labs.

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