Average is used to represent a big collection of numbers with a single number. It is a representation of all the numbers in the data.

Children get proficient in all the four operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division by the age of 9 to 11. There are a few extra topics that are also important at this age like average, percentages, decimals, fractions, ratios, probability, and data handling.

Through an animated comic video, posters, worksheets, and interesting activities, this teaching guide attempts to assist educators in unraveling the idea of this topic.

We express the mean of a list of variables as the central value of a set of data. We define it mathematically as the ratio of the sum of all items by the number of items in the list. In terms of statistics, the average of a certain set of numerical data is also termed as “mean”.

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Symbol Of Average :

The symbol for representing average is  x̄. We denote it by the symbol ‘μ’.

Formula Of Average :

Let us see the formula to find the average or the mean of the given numbers. We determine it by finding out the ratio of the total of all values by the number of values. Hence, the formula is : 

Suppose, we have given with n number of values such as x1, x2, x3,….., xn. The mean of the given data will be equal to :

Average = (x1+x2+x3+…+xn)/n

Basically, this is between the largest and the smallest number. We calculate this only for similar quantities and not for dissimilar quantities. We never calculate the same for height and weight.

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Teaching average with kid-friendly, clear, and easy-to-understand posters from Uncle Math School by Fun2Do Labs :


Learning average can be made enjoyable by incorporating interactive games and activities.

Playing Cards!

Instruct children to draw 5 cards from the deck of playing cards and calculate the average of the same.


Help your kids practise average with interesting and engaging fun worksheets and solutions from Uncle Math by Fun2Do Labs.

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