Profit And Loss : Business Enactment

This is the activity that kids love the most, and they learn while enacting the market scene. Children are divided into different groups. All groups are assigned some roles, like customers, retailers, wholesellers, etc. Children are given the liberty to decide their product’s CP, SP, MP, and discount.

The entire class can be given a market look. Educators can move to different shops and interview customers about questions like :

To shopkeepers : 

  • What is the SP of your product?
  • What is the CP of your product?
  • By selling this, will you experience profit or loss.

To customers : 

  • What is the marked price of your product?
  • Why did you choose this shop to buy this product?
  • How much discount is availed while buying this product?

Children will answer these questions using all the important formulas related to profit and loss, which in turn will teach them this concept.

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Please refer this guide by Fun2Do Labs for teaching selling price, cost price, profit and loss to kids :