Place Value : Expanded And Standard Form

Understanding place value and expanded forms is essential in mathematics. Numbers can be written in expanded or standard form. This teaching guide will help you explain these concepts to your students in a clear and accessible way. By using practical examples and step-by-step instructions, kids will be able to grasp the importance of place value and how to express numbers in expanded form.

Children should be well versed in the concept of numbers and place values prior to the beginning of this topic. They should have a clear idea that each digit in a number has a specific place value, which determines its worth based on its position in the number.

The value of a digit increases as we move from right to left. Recapitulation of the concept of place value can be done by using a place value chart.

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Expanded Form

Expanded form is a way to express a number as the sum of the place values of its digits. The value of each digit is calculated based on its position. The expanded form of a number is when it is broken up according to the place value of digits and expanded by multiplying each digit by its place value.

For example, breaking down the number 648 and writing it in expanded form.

648  = 6 Hundreds + 4 Tens + 8 Ones

Expanded form of 648 by multiplying each digit by the corresponding place value :

648 = 600 + 40 + 8

Converting Expanded Form to Standard Form :

Writing any number in standard form involves writing a large number in its smaller form.

By mastering these concepts, students will develop a solid foundation in number sense and place value understanding.

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Learning expanded form can be made enjoyable by incorporating interactive games and activities.

Memory Game :

  • This game is for pairs or small groups. 
  • Each kid turns over two cards. 
  • They will get to keep them if they match, but they will have to return them if they don’t.
  • At the end of the game, the student with the most cards wins.


Help your kids practise expanded form with interesting and engaging fun worksheets and solutions from Uncle Math by Fun2Do Labs.

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