Order Of Operations : PEMDAS

Mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are carried out in a specific order. The method by which a mathematical problem is solved is known as the order of operations. PEMDAS is one of the rules that is equivalent to the BODMAS rule.

If any mathematical expression comprises mixed operations, then confusion arises about whether to begin solving from left or right. Here comes the need for a certain specific order to be followed while solving such mathematical problems. 

BODMAS or PEMDAS is the solution to such confusion. The word PEMDAS is primarily used in the US, although we refer to it as BODMAS in India and the UK. However, there is no distinction between them.

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Order Of Operations : PEMDAS Steps

  1. Parentheses : Things are grouped together using parentheses. Solving the operation enclosed in parentheses or brackets comes first.
  1. Exponents : After the parentheses, solve the exponential expressions.
  1. Multiplication and Division : Next, multiply and/or divide, depending on which one comes first, going from left to right.
  1. Addition and Subtraction : Then, from left to right, add and/or subtract, depending on which comes first.
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Ignite kids’ curiosity with engaging stories for role play and skits, making the learning of this concept an exciting and effective experience. Teaching  PEMDAS through stories from Uncle Math School by Fun2Do Labs :

Text Of The Stories :


Learning PEMDAS can be made enjoyable by incorporating interactive games and activities.

Wacky Puzzles!

Order of operations whether PEMDAS or BODMAS can be practised by following activity : 

  1. Design puzzle pieces comprising expression and its solution.
  2. Instruct children to join the correct puzzle pieces together by following the correct order of the operations.


Help your kids practise PEMDAS with interesting and engaging fun worksheets and solutions from Uncle Math by Fun2Do Labs.

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