Number Names : Bingo
  • In this activity, bingo cards are made using number names.
  • The level of the activity is decided as per the age of the child, initially, for kindergarten kids, numbers from 1 to 20 can be taken.
  • Rest is just like a classic bingo game, but with number names on the cards instead of numbers.
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  • To start the game, a parent or teacher can be the caller who calls the number name to be struck by each player.
  • The caller distributes a bingo card to each player.
  • The caller calls out the number name.
  • Players then look for the number name on their cards. If the number appears on a player’s card, it is struck off with a shout of “BINGO”. 
  • The player whose only horizontal, vertical, or slanting line is struck off is announced as the winner of the game.
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Please refer this guide by Fun2Do Labs for teaching number names to kids :