Mr Pictograph And Its Speciality

Topic: Read And Interpret Data In A Pictograph

“Hey, kids! Are you ready?” says Uncle Math. “Of course!” say the kids together. Uncle Math is taking them to the Ice Cream Land. Everybody is excited. Would you want to join them?

Everybody boards the spacecraft and is ready to take off. Swoosh! And their adventure begins.

The Ice Cream Land is full of ice cream hills, houses, trees, and many more ice cream objects. Everything here looks so tempting.

“So yummy!” says Squarho as he rushes to grab one ice cream from the ice cream tree. “Wait!” screams Uncle Math.

“Do not touch anything. Due to a lot of thefts by the bad robots, the Ice Cream Land has set up strong security. We can just roam around the land but cannot eat any ice creams this time”, he explains. Being on Ice Cream Land and unable to eat ice cream. This is so disappointing.

“But, we want to eat them. My mouth is already watering”, says Cirha. “There must be a way”, says Triho.

After a lot of forcing, Uncle Math finally agrees to find a way. “Alright! I have a plan”, he says, and the kids jump out of joy. Uncle Math takes out a small tablet-like gadget and says, “Meet Mr Pictograph. It is a unique tablet with a specialised camera that converts pictures into real objects”, he explains.

“Ohh so we will click the pictures of these ice creams and convert them into real ones later?” asks Triho. Uncle Math agrees. “Alright! I will use it first”, says Squarho. “This brown ice cream looks so good. I will eat 4 of them”, says Squarho and clicks 4 pictures of it.

“I will eat this pink ice cream”, says Cirha. Click! Click! Click! She clicks three pictures. Triho decides to eat the yellow ice cream, and Cirho wishes to eat the blue ice cream. Triho clicks four pictures, and Cirho impatiently clicks two.

Suddenly, Triho notices something. “Hey look, Mr Pictograph has arranged the photos so nicely and differently”, he says. Everybody comes close to see the arrangement. “Yes, this is a different way of sorting and arranging similar pictures. So cool!” says Triho. Everybody agrees.

Mr Pictograph has arranged the pictures in a tabular form. It has also sorted them as per the colour. The table looks so neat and easy to read.

“This is called a Pictograph. It uses images to store the data”, explains Uncle Math. “Oh! That is why the name: Mr Pictograph”, says Cirha. The kids are elated. Mr Pictograph not only is helping them store their ice cream count but also will be converting their pictures into real ice creams. Yummy.

“Can we leave now? I want to eat the ice cream”, says Cirho. Everybody bursts into laughter and decides to leave. Swoosh! They are heading back to Samper town.

“Hurray! It is ice cream time”, says Squarho. Uncle Math takes out Mr Pictograph and starts converting the pictures into real ice creams.

There are 4 pictures of brown ice creams. Squarho gets his four delicious brown icecreams. “Yayy!” he screams and starts hogging them.

Similarly, there are 3 pictures of pink ice creams so Cirha gets three ice creams. Triho gets four yellow ice creams. But something strange happens when it is Cirho’s turn. He is disappointed. But what has actually happened?

“Boohoo! I clicked two pictures. I must get two ice creams, not one and a half!” says Cirho. What? He has got only one and a half ice cream? But why?

“Because you did not click the picture properly. The other half of your picture was not clicked. So you got only half ice cream”, says Uncle Math. Everybody bursts into laughter. Cirho’s silly mistake and impatience cost him his half ice cream.

“Haha! Now do you understand why we should have patience”, says Triho. Cirho does realise his mistake and is now regretting it. A lesson learnt, may be too late, is still beneficial than none. An adventurous trip, delicious ice creams, and a silly mistake. It was a fun-filled day.

We Learnt That…

  • Pictograph represents the data in the form of pictures.
  • Reading pictures and drawing conclusions is easier than reading numbers.
  • It is important to have patience while completing the tasks to avoid any mistakes.

Let’s Discuss!

  • Where were we going today?
  • Why could we not eat ice cream?
  • Who is Mr Pictograph? What is special about it?
  • Why did Cirho get only one and a half ice cream?
  • Cirho’s impatience caused him loss. Have you faced a similar situation?