When The Sanctuary Is In Danger

Topic: Data Tables

“The Wild Life Sanctuary is in danger. Asquarho Boss and his gang are stealing the animals and are harming them!” says one of the sanctuary officers to Uncle Math. They are all worried!

“How can they do that? Animals are also living creatures. They have feelings too?” says Cirha. She is so kind.

“Exactly! The best thing to do is to stop Asquarho Boss and his gang”, says Triho. “Yes! But before that, we need to think of a way to protect the animals. Their safety is our priority”, says Uncle Math. Together they are thinking of various ways to solve this problem.

Suddenly, Triho’s eyes shine bright like a star. It looks like he has a solution to this problem. “How about we set up some big watchtowers to keep an eye on the animals. These watchtowers will also help the sanctuary officers to spot the gang of bad robots whenever they come near the animals”, suggests Triho.

“This is brilliant!” says Cirha. “Good idea! But before that, we should also have the information of the current count of animals in the sanctuary to keep track if any of them is harmed by the villains”, says Uncle Math. They board their spacecraft to take a count of all the animals.

“Lions! Wow! There are 4 lions in the sanctuary”, says Cirha.

“Tigers! See 3 tigers are standing together”, says Triho. “But it will become very confusing to remember the count of all the animals. We should do something about this”, says Triho.

“Haha! Do not worry! I have a solution. Meet Ms Table”, says Uncle Math. “Table? I cannot see a table”, says Cirha. She confused the gadget to be a coffee table. “Oh, dear! Ms Table is a board which has columns and rows”, says Uncle Math.

“To collect the information about the animals, we will label one column as ‘Animals’ and the other as ‘Numbers’. Now I will write the animal names in column ‘Animals’ and their count in column ‘Numbers’. This will help us record the information properly”, says Uncle Math. “Amazing!” say Triho and Cirha. Such a simple solution.

“So we saw 4 lions and 3 tigers. I will fill the same in Ms Table like this”, says Uncle Math and completes the table. “So this piece of information about the animals is called Data. Ms Table is helping us collect this data”, explains Uncle Math.

“Oh, I get it now! So we can use the Ms Table to fill any type of data like types of chocolates, number of people, etc. Right?” says Cirha. Uncle Math agrees, and they move ahead to collect some more data about the animals.

They spot 6 elephants. “So cute!” says Cirha as she spots some baby elephants too. They enter the same data in Ms Table.

Finally, they spot 5 deer. They were drinking water from the lake. Ms Table and its simplicity made data collection so easy and handy.

“Alright! Let us now decide where should we set up the watchtowers?” says Uncle Math. “The animals majorly sit under big trees or near the water. I think we should place the watchtowers near them”, suggests Triho. Uncle Math loves the idea, and they decide to go ahead with it.

Together they assemble the watchtowers.

“How will we place them?” questions Cirha. “We will lift them using our spacecraft and place them”, says Uncle Math. This is so cool. They lift the watchtowers and place them one by one near the lake and big trees.

“Wow! This is such a relief”, says one of the officers. Now all they have to do is keep an eye on the sanctuary using the watchtowers.

After some days, Asquarho Boss and his gang enter the sanctuary. They try to steal some deer. One of the officers, who was on duty, spots them and immediately informs Uncle Math.

Triho, Cirha and Uncle Math immediately get to action. They fight the bad robots bravely. The bad robots run away from there to save themselves.

“Thank you so much”, say the officers. Uncle Math and kids are glad they were helpful. “This victory would not have been possible without Ms Table. It is a simple genius”, says Triho. Finally, they leave. Data, data collection, problem solving and kindness. What an adventurous day it has been.

We Learnt That…

  • Data is a collection of information to make informed decisions.
  • We can collect and store data in a table for better understanding.
  • Animals also have feelings and we should be empathetic towards them.

Let’s Discuss!

  • Who was stealing the animals?
  • What was our plan to save the animals?
  • Who is Ms Table? How did she help us?
  • Why did Cirha call Asquarho evil? Is she right?