Chilling On The Chill Day

Topic: Capacity Of 3D Shapes

It is a chill day today. The kids are chilling in Uncle Math’s house. Cirho and Squarho are playing, Cirha is taking a nap and Triho is watching something on the screen.

“The day would be incomplete without my special juice. Time for some juice. This juice has extra nutritional powers which will help you get stronger and more powerful”, says Uncle Math. Woah! The kids are excited. Everybody wants to have this special juice.

They are ready with their glasses. Wow! Triho’s glass looks like a cone. Squarho’s looks like a cube. Cirha Cirho’s looks like a sphere. Unique glasses of unique kids.

“Here is your juice”, says Uncle Math as he pours it into their glasses. The juice really looks delicious and healthy.

Cirho looks at all the glasses and is thinking something. But what?

“Squarho’s glass looks bigger than other glasses. If he gets more juice then, he will get even stronger”, thinks Cirho. “Squarho, Would you like to exchange your glass with mine?” he says immediately. Squarho finds it odd, but he agrees to exchange it. It’s about having the same juice he feels.

Having Squarho’s glass, Cirho looks odd again. Is he thinking of exchanging the glass again? Oh yes! “Wait! Wait! Give me my glass back. You take yours”, he says. Squarho loses his calm and says, “What is wrong with you?”

Cirho then notices Triho’s glass and wishes to exchange it with his glass. Why is he doing that? Can you understand? “Cirho! This is not right. Why are you doing this”, says Cirha. Hearing this Cirho loses his calm this time. He takes his glass and walks out of the room.

Uncle Math sees this and asks, “What happened?” Cirho stops sobbing and says, “Everybody has got more juice than me. Their glasses are big. I want to have more juice too!” Oh! Cirho wanted more juice! Silly Cirho.

Uncle Math bursts into laughter and asks him to come inside. He then grabs some small cups and arranges them on the table. While pouring the juice into smaller cups he says, “Cirho! Although the capacity of all three types of glasses are different but I had poured 2 cups of juice in every glass”.

Uncle Math empties all the other glasses and the kids notice that each glass filled 2 cups only. What does this mean?

“Wow! That means despite varied sizes, our glasses had the same amount of juice in them”, explains Triho. Uncle Math agrees and says, “3D shapes have a capacity to hold some amount of fluid. This is called the capacity of a container. I did not fill the juice to the full capacity of the glass. I filled them equally”.

Cirho is finally chill and everybody has their share of juice. All the kids get an equal amount of strength and power with Uncle Math’s special juice.

We Learnt That…

  • Capacity of the container tells us about how much of a fluid it can hold.
  • Sometimes despite the non-uniform sizes of the containers, their capacity is the same.
  • Everybody experiences a situation differently.

Let’s Discuss!

  • Why were we at Uncle Math’s house?
  • Why was Cirho asking to exchange his glass with others?
  • What does the capacity of a container mean?