How can I help my child to overcome math anxiety?

Children have been fascinated and terrified by mathematics for decades. Math fear or anxiety is the overpowering sense of dread that many people feel at the mere mention of math problems. Basically, this blog will examine strategies for overcoming math fear. These methodologies can help you to release your child out of the cage of number fear.

You can surely help your child overcome the dreadful math fear by following simple strategies :

  • Positive Mindset: Always encourage your child to challenge negative thoughts about math and replace them with positive affirmations. Remember that making mistakes is part of the learning process.
  • Regular Practise: Encourage your child to engage in regular maths practise. The more a child practises math, the more at ease and assured they will feel. Starting with the fundamentals, progressively work your way up.
  • Ask for Help: Teach your youngster to seek assistance anytime they are having trouble with a math problem. Foster in children the belief that their parents and teachers are always available to offer helpful support.
  • Break It Down: Instruct your child on the correct methodology to practise sum. One should always break complicated problems down into simpler, easier-to-handle components. Guide them to focus on solving one step at a time.
  • Visualise and Apply: Make your child learn to visualise and relate math concepts to real-world scenarios. Understanding the worth of math in real life can make it more relatable and less intimidating. If a child understands the use of math in practical life then there will definitely be no math fear.
  • Telling stories: As we know, visual memory is superior to auditory memory. Whatever children see, they usually retain for a longer period than what they hear. To help children better assimilate maths concepts, we at Fun2Do Labs have created cheerful and vibrant story videos. These videos for kids cover almost all math topics. Accompany your child by watching such math videos and help them simplify the confusing web of numbers.

Math anxiety is a common problem that many children experience. One can quickly resolve it if the child receives the right advice and support from their parent or educator. By being aware of the above-mentioned techniques, you may help your child overcome their maths phobia. This will definitely enable them to discover a world of possibilities.